Can You Microwave Epsom Salts? – Step by Step Guide

Generally, salts are not safe to microwave on their own. However, when in a solution such as water, they are!

Epsom salts are an ages-old treatment for a number of ailments.

Some evidence suggests that Epsom salts may help treat poison ivy, eczema and act as an exfoliant.

Epsom salts are often mixed with water to form a saline solution and treat aches, pains, and wounds. Heated saltwater baths can be perfect for rest and relaxation!

Evenly heating these solutions can be challenging, but your microwave may do the job perfectly!

See the steps below to make sure your salts are simmering and safe.

What You’ll Need:

  • Epsom salts, of course!

To Heat for Multiple Uses:

To Use in a Warm Compress:

  • A sturdy compress, preferably a non-microfiber cloth.

Regardless of use, you should always work Epsom salts into another solution before being heated.

  • Combine Epsom salts proportionally with water in a microwave-safe, deep-pan, bowl, or dish.
  • To combine, add salts and stir briefly.

In making a compress or wrap for treating rashes or wounds:

  • Soak the cloth or coating in the Epsom salt solution created above. Wring out gently (but not entirely) before heating.

For Heating:

Epsom salt solutions should be warm when used to get the best soothing effect, but not hot!

For most microwaves, heating on high heat for 30 seconds will do the trick!

Wet compresses may take slightly longer, up to 45 seconds.

Additional time may cause all moisture to evaporate, leaving rock-solid Epsom crystals, which will be incredibly hard to use!

  • If microwaved past the point of any remaining moisture, the salts also pose a fire hazard!

As always, be sure to let your Epsom salt solution and/or compress stand before handling!

After letting your salts cool, remove them from the microwave and apply as needed!

We hope our guidelines will have you well on your way to relaxation.