Can You Microwave Cinnamon Rolls? – Quick Informational Guide

Surely there’s an easy way to make the swirly, delicious sweets, right? Absolutely!

Whether you’re using store-bought or from-scratch dough, the microwave may help cut down on cook-time and satisfy those cravings!

Whether you’re just reheating or creating, carefully review our steps for safety and suggestions!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cinnamon Rolls/Dough: Somewhere to start! No sweets without it.
  • Store-bought: Often sold with biscuits, cookies, and other pre-made doughs, many are individually portioned.
  • From Scratch: Recipes will vary in books and online, but you’ll generally need: flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, milk, butter, and eggs. The combination will vary with the recipe and portioning.

Microwave Safe Dish(es): As always, no metals or single-use plastics!

How to Prep:

After preparing or purchasing dough, you’re almost ready to go!

  1. Remove dough from its packaging or your prep station, ensuring it is free of any tin-containers or plastic wrapping.
  2. Portion dough accordingly, though smaller portions will cook more quickly and evenly! (Think one cinnamon roll at a time if removed from a pre-portioned sleeve.)
  3. Place dough in or on a microwave-safe dish

Cooking and Heating: Cook time will vary with microwave wattage, but regardless this part won’t take long at all!

To cook cinnamon rolls: Microwave on High for 25 – 35 second(s) per-portioned roll.

To reheat cinnamon rolls: Microwave on High for 15 – 30 seconds per-portioned roll.

You may also wonder:

Can you microwave Pillsbury cinnamon rolls?

You sure can! Pillsbury, along with several other brands, sells single-serving microwavable cinnamon rolls.

Even other Pillsbury cinnamon rolls not marked for the microwave can be baked using it as well.

Can you microwave frozen cinnamon rolls?

Not thawed? Not a problem. Just increase that cook-time again to ensure the rolls warm evenly and properly!

Instead of the usual 30 seconds, you may need closer to 1 minute. Deeper dishes, such as a mug, may help prevent excess moisture!

However you’re heating and eating, we hope our steps get you rolling towards a sweet cinnamon snack!