Can You Microwave Waffles? – Step by Step Guide

If you’ve got a batch of waffles that you’re just looking to reheat, then the microwave is an excellent option for waffles.

While it’s not a good idea to try and cook waffle batter in a microwave, microwaving waffles to reheat them is perfectly fine.

How to Reheat Waffles in the Microwave

Reheating waffles in the microwave is quick and simple and the perfect option for anyone who wants warm waffles in just minutes. Microwaving pancakes is a very similar process.

Start by arranging one or two waffles on a microwave-safe plate and microwave on high for about 1 minute.

Check to see if they’re heated thoroughly and, if not, continue cooking in 30-second intervals.

Be sure not to stack waffles on top of each other, or they won’t heat evenly and only cook in small batches to make sure they warm properly.

Can You Microwave Frozen Waffles?

This is another good question for those that want a quick breakfast. The answer is a definite yes.

Not only are there many frozen waffle products (like Eggos) out there that have microwave-safe instructions, you can even microwave frozen homemade waffles as well.

For frozen homemade waffles, follow the same directions as you would for reheating waffles; arrange one or two waffles in a single layer on a microwave-safe plate. This time, however, microwave for roughly 2 ½ to 3 minutes and check for doneness.

If they aren’t heated all the way through, microwave for an additional 30 seconds and check again. The only thing to note with preparing your waffles this way is that they won’t be as crispy as in a conventional oven.

Once you get the timing down for your particular microwave, you’ll have great tasting waffles in a matter of minutes every time.

Add some butter, some syrup, and maybe some Nutella, and you have a tasty and quick breakfast. Don’t forget the bacon and coffee from the microwave!

Can You Microwave Waffles – Wrapping Up

Well, there we are. How to reheat frozen and non-frozen waffles in the microwave for a quick and simple breakfast. Enjoy!