Can You Microwave Lettuce? – Tips and Tricks

If you’ve ever used the microwave to heat your food, you could have noted that not all types of food respond well to the heat. If you are a lover of lettuce you may want to reheat it once it becomes cold.

However most people will warn you that this type of heat reduces its nutrients. While others predict that it will become poisonous once microwaved. This suggested effects of reheating have surprised many. Perhaps it is important that we get some clarity on this issue. Are these stories true? Can you microwave lettuce? The answer is an outright “YES”.

If you have ever warmed a burger that has some lettuce in the microwave, were you poisoned? I am sure you ate it to your satisfaction. The notion of microwaved lettuce containing poisonous elements has no scientific backing.

It is just any other myth meant to scare you off. Microwaving lettuce just causes it to become limp. Naturally, Lettuce contains a lot of water, approximately 90% of it contains water. Does water become poisonous when microwaved? No, it doesn’t. This same effect applies to lettuce.

However, heating lettuce in a microwave has to adhere to certain timelines. So what steps should you follow when reheating lettuce in the microwave?

How do you microwave lettuce?:

Before you microwave the lettuce, it is important that you observe hygiene. Clean it well, and dry it well with a clean piece of paper towel. Some people use salad spinners to help draw moisture from the lettuce. After cleaning the lettuce set the timing of the microwave (30 seconds should do) and put the lettuce in the microwave.

Once you start the microwave, moisture that is contained in the lettuce is removed. Since lettuce is composed of 90% water, nothing much will be left of it. Just a crispy-plant reduced to a texture similar to a soft napkin.

Therefore, it is important that you keep monitoring the lettuce every few seconds to ensure that it doesn’t get overheated. When the lettuce gets warm enough remove it from the microwave and serve it. Note that you don’t have to microwave each meal that contains lettuce.

You can remove pieces of lettuce and microwave the main meal, then add the lettuce back once the meal is served. Lettuce will be warm enough to partake.


As seen above, warming lettuce in the microwave is not harmful. Most stories you hear about how poisonous it can be are all wrong. Therefore, next time you come across a meal with lettuce don’t have fears warming it in a microwave. Just follow the above tips and you are good to go!