Can You Microwave Plantains? (Answered)

Typically, people can be a bit skeptical of placing different fruits and vegetables in the microwave, afraid that they will dry out, lose flavor or maybe even burst. 

So if you’ve ever wondered if plantains can be microwaved, have no fear; the answer is YES

In fact, microwaving a plantain is a great way to cook it and have it ready to serve for breakfast or as a great snack. We’ll give you a quick and easy way to prepare your plantains in the microwave. 

Prepping Your Plantains for the Microwave 

Before you toss your plantains in the microwave, you’ll need to prepare them first. 

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your plantains are ripe. 

Under or overripe plantains will not only taste bad, but they also won’t cook properly in the microwave. 

Next, make sure you cut the ends off of your plantains or slice them into halves or slices. 

This is necessary so that it doesn’t explode. As you may know, foods with an outer casing on them may pop when cooked in the microwave if they don’t have a way to vent. 

Place the plantains on a microwave-safe plate and cook for 30 seconds or so, just long enough to warm them through. 

Don’t be worried if the plantains spill out of their peel; this is perfectly normal and will not ruin the flavor. 

You can add sugar, honey, or other ingredients to spice up the flavor if you prefer. The plantains will feel mushy right out of the microwave but will firm up after they are allowed to cool for a while. 

Plantains cooked this way make a great dish that you can make in almost no time, and they will taste great. 

Can You Microwave Plantains – Wrapping Up 

There we go, a quick and easy way to cook your plantains in the microwave that you’ll love.