Can You Microwave Vinegar? – Quick Informational Guide

Many people are concerned about what things should or can be microwaved and those that should not. 

This is good as it shows that people are mindful of their safety and health, given that microwaves can lead to explosions or expose one to radiation when misused.

Among the questions that most people ask is whether vinegar should be microwaved, and the answer is yes; Vinegar can be microwaved for consumption or heated up for use as a microwave cleaner.

Microwave Vinegar for Consumption

For consumption purposes, vinegar can be warmed up for several seconds without allowing it to heat up completely. After this, the warm vinegar can be used in salad dressing or in brightening your desired dishes’ flavors.

The only problem with warm vinegar is its smell, which intensifies after the low heat. However, warm vinegar can be used in salads, and other food items plus dressed food can be stored in the refrigerator.

Microwave Vinegar for Cleaning 

As for cleaning purposes, vinegar can be used to steam clean your microwave, but in this case, it should be made with an equal water mixture. 

This means that equal parts of water and vinegar should be poured into a microwave-safe bowl. 

The exact amount of time that this mixture can be heated depends on your microwave’s power and is usually about 3-4 minutes. The steam created from heating this mixture will break up food and grime, and the inside of the microwave will be able to be wiped clean with a towel.

Start with a low amount of time and do not leave this mixture unattended while heating. Always use caution when microwaving anything!

Those who have microwaved their vinegar for cleaning purposes can attest that this is a great microwave cleaning method. But, there are always those who are skeptical about heating vinegar, and this is natural because it is okay to worry about your safety.

However, these people should note that vinegar is not like other strong chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, whose strength is maintained by breaking apart with water. 

Vinegar retains its balance with water, plus equal amounts of water are recommended when steaming to increase its safety.

Some Hacks that can be Employed

Several hacks can be applied when microwaving vinegar. First of all, it is wise to use lemon juice, or a drop or two of essential oils, to neutralize the pungent vinegar smell.

Also, a toothpick can be placed inside the mixture for precautionary measures since this decreases the chances of a bubbling mess when the vinegar is overheated. Bubbles tend to form on the wooden toothpick, which prevents it from boiling over.

Safety Measures

When microwaving vinegar, never, and I repeat, never mix vinegar with soap, bleach, and other alkali cleaning products. This can be very dangerous as the mixture can create poisonous gases, especially when bleach is used.

Also, never mix vinegar with alcohol when microwaving the mixture as this too can be dangerous, plus it can reduce vinegar’s effectiveness as a cleaning agent.

Lastly, always ensure that you have sufficient ventilation when microwaving your vinegar, as this helps in reducing the smell. This can also help in removing any gas that forms up when the mixture steams.