So, Can You Microwave Asparagus?

Can you spare-a-few minutes? Then yes, you can microwave asparagus!

The versatile vegetable is perfectly microwave safe, without loss of flavor. If you need fast, easy, and enjoyable, heating or steaming asparagus in the microwave is an excellent option!

With a naturally high-water content, asparagus will steam quickly and safely in the microwave and retain much of its distinct flavor.

While you cannot get the same flavors as roasting or searing, the spears will certainly keep their snap!

Follow our safe and speedy guidelines to get started:

Step 1: Prep

  • If using whole spears, cut an inch or two off of the blunt/flat end to remove tough pieces.
  • Be sure to rinse your asparagus with cool running water, and be sure not to dry them!
  • Place damp asparagus in or on a microwave-safe plate, leaving space between spears
  • Cover with a paper towel or lid, leave a corner or space uncovered to vent!

Careful! Do not cover with plastic wrap or metal foil; these are not microwave-safe

Step 2: Microwave for Minutes

  • Place the asparagus in the microwave, microwave on high.
  • Asparagus should be warmed through and softened in 3 minutes, but doneness is up to you!
  • Less than 3 minutes will yield stiffer, cooler spears.
  • More than 3 minutes will yield softer, hotter spears.
  • Cut into the spears to test doneness!

Step 3: Aspara-Good-to-Go!

  • Remove asparagus from the microwave and enjoy!

As always, use caution! Steam will be released, and the dish you used will be hot!

Enjoy as-is, add some warmed butter, or feel free to get spear-ited with your dish!