Can You Microwave a Hydro Flask? – Is It Safe?

So, if you like storing liquids in a Hydro Flask, you’ve probably wondered at some point about throwing it in the microwave to warm the contents up.

Whether it was coffee, tea, maybe even soup, you’ve probably wondered this at some point.

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! Per the manufacturer, all Hydro Flask products are made with high-grade food-safe steel and are NOT suitable for the microwave.

Hydro Flask is known for their vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles that are great for carrying just about any kind of liquid.

While this is great for transporting your favorite beverage or liquid foods, they can’t go in the microwave.

Why a Hydro Flask and the Microwave Don’t Mix

If you’ve never had the pleasure of accidentally sticking something metal in the microwave and subsequently watching your microwave go kaboom, then you may not know that all metal is terrible to put in microwaves.

Even the high-grade steel in a Hydro Flask bottle is no exception to this rule.

Not only will trying to microwave your Hydro Flask ruin your microwave, but it’ll also likely melt or destroy your flask in the process as well.

What Should You Do Instead?

While you can’t microwave the Hydro Flask itself, there’s nothing wrong with taking what’s in it out, putting it into a microwave-safe bowl or cup, and heating it that way instead.

This way, you can heat your liquid to the desired temperature and then pour it back into your flask with no muss or fuss.

Even better, once you reheat the liquid and put it back into your Hydro Flask, the insulation will help it to stay warm for a long time.

Can You Microwave a Hydro Flask – Wrapping Up

So that’s that, the facts you need to know about the microwave and your Hydro Flask. Now the next time you think about popping it into the microwave, you’ll know not to and why.


Photo By Gary Tou on Unsplash