Can You Microwave Porcelain? (Answered)

If you’ve got porcelain dishes, cookware, and other products, you’ve probably considered these products a time or two for warming up leftovers or for heating ingredients. The good news is, YES, you can microwave porcelain with caution.

We’ll go over when you can and can’t microwave your porcelain dishes, as well as some things to take into consideration.

What Porcelain Can You Microwave?

Most porcelain dishes and cookware are completely microwave-safe. The only exceptions have metal inlays or decorations containing metal in their designs or finishes.

Never microwave anything metal; your microwave may cause sparks or have other issues. A second consideration is for any damage or cracked porcelain dishes.

Cracks can cause moisture to seep into your dish, which can cause larger fractures and breaks when heated in the microwave.

Make sure your dishes are in good shape before sticking them in the microwave, and you should be fine.

Why Porcelain Is A Good Microwave Option

Much like ceramics and other stoneware materials, porcelain is a good choice in the microwave because it heats evenly and holds the heat well. It also doesn’t get as scaldingly hot as some other materials.

Another benefit is that most porcelain products are glazed to prevent moisture absorption from foods and liquids; this means that the dish is less likely to break from use.

You also won’t have to worry about cleaning as the coated porcelain is generally easy to clean.

Porcelain is also a safer option compared to plastics and paper containers that get extremely hot, don’t heat evenly, or may even melt or release harmful chemicals when heated in the microwave.

Always use caution when you are removing an item from the microwave!

Can You Microwave Porcelain – Wrapping Up

There you have it. All tips and secrets to safely microwave your porcelain cookware and dishes without worry!