Can You Microwave Starbucks Paper Cups?

We’ve all probably ordered a nice hot cup of Starbucks coffee and just when we started to enjoy it, got distracted with something else. Then later, when you return to that marvelous cup of coffee, you find it stone cold.

So, now the question becomes, “can’t I just warm it in the microwave?” That would seem like a great solution, right? People microwave their coffee cups all the time. Unfortunately, those paper cups that Starbucks uses aren’t microwave-safe.

Why Can’t You Microwave Starbucks Cups?

You might be a little confused as to why you can’t put your Starbucks cup into the microwave. After all, the coffee is piping hot when baristas serve it to you, so why can’t you microwave it?

Well, the reason (similar to Dunkin Donuts paper cups) is because of the way the cup is made. It’s perfectly capable of holding hot coffee in it, but if you try to heat the actual cup, the paper and glue that holds the cup will break down.

In the best case, your cup would bend a little, but in the worst case, the entire cup would collapse, and you’d be left with a crumpled piece of cup and a big coffee spill to clean up.

What to do Instead

Like we stated above, you can’t actually microwave the cups, but they are perfectly suited to hold warmed-up coffee. If you can warm the coffee up in a safe container or in the coffee pot, then you can pour it directly back into your Starbucks cup without any problems.

This may not be the ideal solution, but it will save you a mess in the microwave and still gives you your hot coffee on the go. Many of us have coffee mugs, but those aren’t the ideal travel cups.

Can You Microwave Starbucks Cups – wrapping up

So there you have it, the unfortunate truth about Starbucks cups. Hopefully, with this information, you’ll avoid a messy mistake.

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