Best Microwave Safe Flower Press – Top 4 Presses Reviewed

microwave flower press

If you make resin crafts, jewelry, scrapbooks, or other art using dried flowers or other plant materials, but do not have time to wait around for them to dry, then a microwave flower press is just what you need.

When you use a microwave flower press, you can have your plant materials dried and ready to use within minutes.

Microwave flower presses work by releasing moisture from the plant materials allowing them to press and dry rapidly.

The flowers, leaves, or herbs you press in most of these flower presses can be used the same day or stored to use later.

In this article, we will be reviewing four different flower presses, and after, we will figure out which one is the best of the four depending on your preference.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into reviewing these four different microwave flower presses.

Microfleur 9″ Microwave Flower Press

The Microfleur flower press has better color retention than traditional flower pressing methods, and it can fit into any conventional microwave.

The liners included with this flower press are washable and can last for a very long time if properly taken care of.

The Microfleur flower press is nine inches by nine inches, meaning there is a total of 81 square inches of pressing space.

You can quickly press plant materials between the two cotton liners, two thick wool pads, and two vented platens, which are all held together by four sturdy clips.

The vents in the top and bottom platens allow the steam to escape, which helps the flowers maintain their best possible shape.

The four clips on this flower press keep the plant materials from puckering while drying.

Rtree Microwave Flower Press

The Rtree Microwave Flower Press is five inches by five inches and has a pressing space of about 25 square inches, so it is best for smaller projects due to its small size.

This microwave flower press is good at ensuring the plant materials you are pressing retain their natural color.

The things included in this box are two fabric liners, two wool pads, four platens, four silicon feet, four rubber bands, and a user manual.

The plant material gets pressed quickly between the two fabric liners, two thick wool pads, and two platens, which are tightly held together by two rubber bands.

The silicon feet do not attach to the flower press but can be used to keep the flower press off the turntable in the microwave.

As long as you follow the directions exactly, you will have beautifully dried or pressed plant materials within three minutes.

Microfleur 5″ Regular Flower Press

The Microfleur flower press liners are washable, so there are no papers or layers to replace each time. This microwave flower press is five inches by five inches, so it has about 25 square inches of pressing space.

Plant materials are quickly pressed between two cotton liners, two thick wool pads, and two vented platens, which are held together by two clips, one on either side.

Plant material pressing is done in short intervals that are spaced with short resting periods.

At 5 inches, this Microfleur model is smaller than the 9-inch model reviewed above, so this press is best for very small flowers since the pressing space is smaller.

You can bring this flower press with you anywhere, and you can use it without putting it in the microwave, but it will take longer for your plant materials to dry.

Worown Flower and Leaf Press

The Worown flower press is made of wood and is not easily bent. You can use this flower press in two different ways.

It can either be used in the microwave or placed in a plastic bag for three days until the plant material is done drying.

The flower press comes with two press plates, four dry plates, four sponges, ten pieces of lining paper, two straps, and two eco-bags.

The straps on this flower press are hook and loop straps that provide a good amount of pressure when tightened enough.

The sponges that come with this flower press disperse the pressure so that it is evenly distributed throughout the platen, ensuring all of the flowers dry at the same rate.

Depending on how moist the flowers are, they could take up to five days to fully press and dry.

With the Worown flower press, you can press four layers of plant materials at the same time, making pressing flowers faster than ever before.

This flower press is about six inches by eight inches, and it makes pressing and drying flowers super easy.

Buying Guide: How to find the best flower press for your needs

When deciding which microwave flower press to purchase, it is good to think about how many plant materials you want to press at one time or if you want to press bigger plant materials.

You should also consider if you would like your flower press to be more portable.

If you would like a larger flower press so you can press more or bigger plant materials at one time, then the Worown Flower Press is the best option for you since you could press four layers of plant materials at one time.

On the other hand, if you would rather have a smaller flower press that you can take with you on the go, then the Microfleur Five Inch Regular Microwave Flower Press is the best option for you due to its compact size and because it does not need to be used in the microwave.

The prices for microwave flower presses vary greatly from $65 for the more expensive option and $20 for the less expensive option.

Despite the slightly steep price for these flower presses, they are definitely worth every penny if you use dried plant materials for your crafts.

Now that we have gone through all of the very different flower presses, it is up to you to make the final decision about which flower press would work best for you and your crafts.