Can You Microwave Fleece? (Answered)

So, you’ve probably wondered about ways to warm up fabric before and thought about what to use.

Maybe you’re making a heating pad or just want a snuggly warm scarf or socks. The answer to this question is both YES, but with caution!

Microwaving certain fabrics comes with risks. Additionally, if you’re microwaving things like mittens, bed warmers, and other objects, you have to be careful of what you put into the microwave.

We’ll break down what you need to consider when microwaving your fleece.

Microwaving Fleece Fabric

If you’re planning to microwave plain fleece fabric, the thing to consider is that fleece gets very hot very quickly. If you’re just trying to warm the material for a project, microwave it in short bursts of time.

Not only can the fabric get too hot to handle out of the microwave because fleece is a synthetic fabric, but it can also actually melt the fibers in the microwave if it gets too hot.

Microwaving Items With Fleece in Them

If you’re microwaving items that you know have fleece in them but aren’t 100% fleece, you must still be careful of overheating the item.

In the case of blended fabrics, the items can become extremely hot and difficult to handle. In some cases, the fabric could even catch fire.

Always use caution, and monitor anything you put in the microwave!

Typically cotton is considered microwave safe but is often blended with fleece.

The labels on most items will tell you what the fabric blend of the item is.

If you know or suspect an item has fleece in it, it’s better to be safe and only microwave it for a short time; that way, you avoid any unfortunate accidents.

If you are looking to microwave fleece or other fabric to keep warm, there may be better options available for you. Check out our reviews of the best microwave-safe slippers and microwave-safe heating pads.

These products are specifically designed to be heated in the microwave (and warm you up!), so you know they are safe rather than being unsure with random fabrics.

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Can You Microwave Fleece – Wrapping Up

Now you know what to watch out for if you’re considering putting some fleece in the microwave. Always be safe when putting new items in the microwave.