Best Microwave Safe Slippers – Keep your feet warm for hours

microwave safe slippers

If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis or Raynaud’s Syndrome, you might be wondering how you can get relief. Well, look no further because microwave-safe slippers can ease your pain by warming up your muscles and relaxing them.

You could use these slippers even if you do not suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Raynaud’s Syndrome, or diabetes.

You could use these slippers in the middle of winter to keep your feet toasty warm, or you could just wear them to relax your tired feet.

When microwaving these slippers, it is best to check their temperature before putting them on your feet; otherwise, you could burn your feet.

Most of the microwave-safe slippers we will be reviewing here can be put in the microwave or the freezer. If you choose to freeze these slippers, you will need to place them in a sealed plastic bag first.

Intelex Warmies Cozy Body Microwave Safe Slippers

These microwaveable slippers are made of super-soft fabrics and filled with specially treated flaxseed and dried French lavender flowers.

With the soothing smell of French lavender and warmth from the slippers, you will be feeling relaxed and pain-free in no time at all.

Intelex Warmies slippers come in three different colors: gray, cream, or white with black dots.

You can wear these slippers around the house due to their design, but they might be a little heavy because of the flaxseed filling, and the bottoms of these slippers might wear out fast.

These slippers seem to stay warm for between 20 and 30 minutes, but they could probably stay warm for even longer if you wear them under a blanket.

You can only clean these slippers by hand with a damp cloth since the flaxseeds in these slippers cannot get wet.

Not only can you use these slippers in the microwave, but you can also use them in the freezer.

When using these slippers cold, they can reduce swelling or cool off your hot and tired feet.

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Foot Warmers

The Bed Buddy slippers are infused with natural herbs and essential oils that help relax the rest of your body while the slippers relax your feet.

These slippers are made with 100% natural grains that stay warm for up to 15 minutes.

These slippers come in pink, blue, and purple, and each of the colors has a different scent.

The blue pair has a lavender and mint scent, the pink pair has a lavender and rose scent, and the purple pair has a plain lavender scent.

It is not recommended to walk around with these slippers on because there is only a thin layer of material separating the grains from your skin.

When using these slippers, it is best only to use them in bed.

You can also use these slippers after putting them in the freezer.

If you are using these slippers cold, it is best to use them for about 20 minutes at a time.

Kozy Collar Microwavable Heating Slipper Pads

Not only can you use these slippers on your feet, but you can also use them on your hands! These slippers are filled with rice, and they stay hot for about 20 minutes.

If you would like your slippered feet or hands to stay warm for a more extended period of time, just wrap a blanket around yourself to keep the heat in.

These slippers can heat the tops and bottoms of your feet at the same time due to their channeled design.

Like the previous two slippers, these slippers can also be used in the freezer. Once frozen, these slippers can stay cold for up to 30 minutes!

These slippers only come in the color blue, but they are still super comfortable, and they seem to work very well.

These Kozy slippers can fit a range of shoe sizes, from six to 11.

Foot Furnace Extra Warm Bed Slippers

The Roscos foot furnace slippers come with adjustable Velcro fasteners, and they can fit up to size 11 feet.

These slippers are designed like a sleeping bag, and they do not need to be heated in the microwave before you use them.

These slippers are made with natural duck down and silk wadding filling. They are also made of fully breathable nylon that keeps your feet at the perfect temperature.

These slippers should not be worn around the house, though, because they do not have soles on the bottoms of them, meaning they wear out very quickly.

Since these slippers are not filled with heavy grains, they might feel more comfortable while wearing them in bed.

It is recommended only to use these slippers in bed under blankets, but you could wear socks in these slippers if you want to get your feet warmer.

Unlike the other three slippers, these slippers cannot be used in the freezer.

Buying Guide – How to find the best microwave safe slippers for your needs

When choosing which microwave-safe slippers to buy, it is best to choose ones that perfectly fit your needs. For instance, if you need slippers that can be used hot or cold or only use slippers that do not have scents in them.

If you are not allergic to any scents or find the scents to be extra relaxing, then the Bed Buddy slippers are the best option because there are three different colors and scents to choose from stay warm for a relatively long time.

If you are sensitive to scents but still want slippers that you can use hot or cold, then the Kozy Collar slippers are the best option for you since they only contain rice.

These microwave-safe slippers’ prices range from just $16 for the less expensive pair to $34 for the more expensive pair.

Microwave-safe slippers are definitely worth the money if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis or if you just suffer from cold or pain riddled feet.

Now that we have gone through each of these very different microwave-safe slippers’ options, it is up to you to decide which pair of slippers is best for you.