Can You Microwave Lotion? – Is It Safe?

Here’s where you’re at. You want to microwave your lotion for whatever reason. But can you? Is it safe?

The answer is YES. You can safely microwave lotion.

Be careful when you do, though. If you microwave lotion for too long, it will explode all over the inside of your microwave, make quite a mess and you’ll have to give the microwave a deep clean before you can microwave food again.

So, why would you want to microwave lotion in the first place?

Why Microwave Lotion? Is It Safe?

Most commonly, people microwave lotion to make it more comfortable to apply.

In winter months, applying cold lotion, especially right after a hot shower, can send a shiver down your spine. But when the lotion is warm, it feels good, not bad.

You can also microwave lotion to make it less thick. If you have a lotion you like but it’s hard to spread over your skin, you can microwave it to make the task easier.

Alternative to Microwaving:

This recommendation will sound simple… because it really is. And it can save you a couple minutes every time you want to apply warm lotion.

Empty the lotion onto your hands and spread it around your hands for about 10 seconds.

Your hands will warm the lotion up, removing the need for the microwave altogether.

Though if you want it really warm, you’ll have to use the microwave.  Also, if interested, read our reviews of the best microwave waxes for hair removal.

Warning: Do Not Microwave the Lotion Bottle

If you choose to microwave lotion, make sure you put the lotion in a microwave-safe container. Don’t microwave the bottle.

Why? Because most lotion bottles are made out of plastic. Microwaves melt plastic.

Even if there is no visible damage to the bottle after being microwaved, microscopic particles of plastic may have melted into the lotion itself.

Rubbing plastic into your skin? We’ll pass, and we recommend you avoid doing it, too.

Overall, the answer is yes. You can microwave lotion, and many people do so to make it easier or more comfortable to apply.