Can You Microwave Pyrex? – Quick Informational Guide

We all know Pyrex dishes, how they are great for cooking and baking in, but maybe you’ve had leftovers that needed warming, and you’ve wondered, “can I put this in the microwave?”

The good news is, YES, all Pyrex is safe to go in the microwave. Pyrex is specially treated to be oven and microwave safe so that no matter how you want to prepare your food, you’re good to go.

One thing we should note is that you should make sure that your glass dish is indeed Pyrex. Not all glass dishes are the same, and some may damage, break, or even explode when placed in the microwave.

Another advantage of Pyrex glassware is that the containers are safe at high temperatures and will generally heat evenly.

You will want to be careful when removing a Pyrex dish from the microwave as they get very hot, and you can scald yourself while removing them.

The Benefits of Microwaving Pyrex

Pyrex is unlike many other glass containers (like mason jars) due to the way that it is made. It is treated in such a way as to be safe at very high temperatures. This means that you can microwave it for long periods without worrying about the condition of your dish.

Another benefit is that Pyrex dishes can be microwaved from a cold or even frozen state. Most glass dishes cannot handle extreme temperature changes and will degrade if going from very cold to very hot.

This means you can refrigerate or even freeze food in Pyrex dishes and pop them straight into the microwave for cooking or reheating. Don’t try that with just any glassware.

Lastly, Pyrex doesn’t use metals in most of their containers, so you don’t have to worry about frying your microwave because of trying to microwave metal.

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Can You Microwave Pyrex – wrapping up

So now you know, Pyrex is one of the safest and easiest things to microwave no matter what you’re cooking or reheating.


Photo By: Callum Hill on Unsplash