Can You Microwave Reusable Starbucks Ceramic Mugs?

This is one of those questions that seems simple but is a bit more complicated than you might think. The answer to this question is NO.

While the mug is made of ceramic, and ceramic can generally be considered microwave safe, there are elements in Starbucks mugs that make them unsafe to microwave.

There are a few reasons why these mugs aren’t microwave safe. We’ll explain and tell you how to check for certain yourself.

The Reasons Why You Can’t Microwave a Starbucks Ceramic Mug

Although most ceramic mugs are microwave safe by nature, the one big consideration is whether or not your Starbucks mug has any metal in it. Some of the mugs may feature a metal inlay.

If you know or suspect your mug has metal in it, then it is most certainly not microwave safe.

Additionally, typical ceramic mugs are glazed to protect them from heat and to help insulate the cups. Unfortunately, Starbucks mugs are not protected from the heat, and often the mug will be hotter than the liquid in it.

Check the bottom of your mug; often, there will be instructions as to whether or not you can microwave that specific mug.

If you’re unsure, it’s best not to try to microwave it. However, a common test to tell if a ceramic mug is microwave safe is to microwave it and put plain water in it and check the temperature of the mug versus the water.

If the mug retains a higher temperature than the water, then the mug is not microwave safe.

Alternative to Microwaving Your Starbucks Ceramic Mug

You have a couple of options rather than microwaving your mug. You can still carry hot liquids in the mug, so one option is to warm your coffee (or even soup) in a microwave-safe cup and then pour it into your mug.

You could also shop for alternative mugs that are guaranteed microwave safe so that there’s no issue warming your beverages.

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Can You Microwave Your Starbucks Ceramic Mug – Wrapping Up

So now you know not to microwave your Starbucks mug. Hopefully, this gives you the heads up you need to microwave your coffee or other beverage safely.