Can You Microwave Rubbermaid? – Quick Informational Guide

Rubbermaid containers are super convenient for storing your takeout noodles, leftovers or your kid’s school lunch. They have ridges on the lid that provide easy stacking. Well, the main question lingering in our minds is can you microwave Rubbermaid? Read on to find out more.

Rubbermaid is manufactured from various glass or plastics that are safe for microwave use. Regardless, you should also be cautious before you heat up that leftover lasagna in Rubbermaid.

If you have any Rubbermaid containers lying around your house, don’t just rush into using it for microwaving your food. Always make sure that you look at the bottom of the dish to ensure it is safe for microwave use. If it’s safe, it’ll display “reheat” or “microwave safe.”

If not, you should probably leave it. Sometimes, the containers have a microwave image on the bottom to confirm that its safe for use.

How to do it:

After finding out that your Rubbermaid is safe for microwave use, follow this steps to ensure that you’re taking the necessary precautions.

• Remove all the labels, or other packaging materials before you place the container in your microwave.

Always remove the lid to provide proper ventilation. If not, you can lift up the lid edges to get adequate circulation. If you miss this step, the lid will probably pop off due to the increased pressure. You’ll need to spend a little more extra time cleaning up.

• To avoid all forms of pitting, ensure that you don’t reheat your food in oil, salt, fat, tomato or sugar.

• If you heat up any tomato-based products, the container may get stained.

• When the timer runs out and its time to remove the dish, use a kitchen towel or some heat resistant gloves. The plastic material gets hot very fast, and it may burn you if you’re not careful.

• When removing the lid, be careful of the steam that emanates from the reheated food. It might cause a nasty scald. Allow the food to sit for a little while and cool of before handling it.

• Overcooking the food can lead to serious issues since the plastic will end up burning. Ensure that you use the timer appropriately to set how long you need your food to heat up for.

Don’t use Rubbermaid in the conventional oven or stove top as that may result in browning or melting of the plastic.

Maybe you don’t need to throw out your Rubbermaid dishes just yet. You can still put them to some good microwaving use!


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