Can You Microwave Vacuum Sealed Bags? – Is It Safe?

There are certain microwave safe vacuum sealed bags you can use to reheat your leftovers. Keep in mind that anything more than thirty seconds to a minute is going to cooking levels and therefore not safe. If you’re not sure which vacuum sealed bags are safe and which are not there are a few key indicators on the packaging you can always look out for. Read on to find out more

Make sure to look for these labels:
BPA Free
You always want to make sure that your bag is BPA free. Frederick Vom Saal, a professor in biological sciences, has studied the effects of BPA on primates and has found adverse effects on organ development as well as birth defects in children. The main concern is the safety of your health when heating plastics. Top priorities when reading the packaging of vacuum sealed bags are to make sure they are free of the following. If they are, then you are good to go!

BPA free
phthalates free
plasticizers free

Why Use Vacuum Sealed Bags?
Vacuum sealed bags lock in all the air so that your food can retain maximum moisture and preserve meats in the fridge longer instead of being frozen. Keeping your food in vacuum sealed bags preserves some foods that were only able to be stored for six months, up to a year.

While using vacuum sealed bags are safe, limiting the amount of food you store in plastic items also help to lower potential adverse health effects.

FDA Approved Plastics
Polyethylene Terephthalate is the most commonly used plastic in microwavable safe containers and plastic films. According to, it is FDA approved and does not prove toxic if inhaled or ingested.

Top Chefs Using Vacuum Sealed Bags
There are many chefs that use the the sous vide technique when cooking meat. While this does not involve putting your vacuum sealed meat in a microwave, it does simmer in hot water for hours and get the meat to extreme tenderness.

There are many that still question whether this is a safe method. Michelle Tam, a popular food blogger, did some digging. She found Food Saver bags to be BPA and chemical free and has tried Lekue silicone bag as an alternative. According to the Lekue Amazon page, it can withstand temperatures up to -60ºC and 220ºC and is microwavable safe.

Simmer and Microwave Safe on Label
If you are still wondering how you will know if you can microwave vacuum sealed bags just look on the packaging. All vacuum sealed bags that are able to be reheated will say so on the packaging. This takes out any guesswork. You can find these bags at your local grocery store or on Amazon.


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