Best Microwave Egg Cooker – Top 4 Cookers Reviewed

microwave egg cookers

Who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast? Exactly, the majority of us do but they are time-consuming to make, especially before work or school.

There are also the prep and clean-up times that are involved that add to making the eggs.

While you can cook hardboiled eggs in the microwave with regular kitchen equipment, we are going to try to make your life a little easier today with cooking eggs and saving you time no matter when you want your eggs.

The products are used in the microwave which makes cook time lower and you are also using less cooking utensils to make it, meaning less to clean up.

Egg-Tastic Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher

This microwave egg cooker called Egg-Tastic poaches eggs fast and keeps the egg at perfect cooking temperature.

Cooking eggs in Egg-Tastic are not just for eating the eggs plain, you can also make scrambled eggs, scrambled egg whites, and egg sandwiches.

You can cook up to 4 eggs at a time with the Egg-Tastic.

Enjoy fluffy, delicious, and fast eggs delivered right from your microwave. It only takes a matter of minutes to get delicious homemade eggs.

The pot is ceramic with a non-slip silicon base and silicon lid seal. The ceramic pot is non-stick and you can whisk your eggs right in the pot! You can even take Egg-Tastic on the go!

Use your imagination and create your favorite egg mixed with all of your favorite ingredients to make your favorite egg omelets.

Do you know Egg-Tastic means? No more messy frying pans, oil, grease, fats, and spatulas to clean up after you’re done enjoying your meal.

Heating times will vary in each microwave, the number of eggs cooked at one time and the altitude could possibly affect it as well.

Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 Microwave Egg Maker

While it is half the capacity of the Egg-Tastic, the Chef Buddy will make great tasting eggs in a short period of time.

Chef Buddy says they can make their eggs in 45 seconds which is a major time saver for anyone in a hurry.

Chef Buddy will deliver a delicious, light, fluffy egg every time.

They can be made even more delicious by adding your favorite ingredients to make your favorite egg omelets.

Try to add bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, seasonings or vegetables.

This is a top-shelf dishwasher safe product but it can also be cleaned with a hot soapy rag.

Since the egg maker is small, this egg maker is able to be stored in any cabinet, small or large.

Chef Buddy egg makers are guaranteed to be a genuine product. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Chef Buddy.

The egg maker is 6.6” x 4.6” x 2.5” and is made of a lightweight polypropylene plastic construction.

Microwave Egg Boiler

Cook up to 4 eggs at once with the Coxeer Microwave Egg Cooker.

This is the longest cooking time of the microwave egg cookers we have tried out so far, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right one for you. It takes up to 8 minutes to cook 4 eggs.

Create delicious hard boiled or soft boiled eggs with this egg cooker.

Coxeer might be one of the most durable microwave egg cookers out there due to it being made from both aluminum and plastic. The heat plate is aluminum and has a large egg shape.

The sleek design gives it a high-quality build, for fast and easy operation.

There is a vent hole on the top to let out steam and prevent steam burns when removing the top after you are done cooking the eggs.

Clean-up with is easy with this microwave egg cooker is easy to clean after being used with no pots or kitchen utensils to clean up after enjoying your meal. While it is easy to clean, they do not state that it is dishwasher safe so we recommend washing it by hand.

When removing the egg cooker from the microwave, you should use hot pads or gloves since it does not have any handles for carrying.

Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs

This red Sistema Easy Eggs microwave egg cooker is able to prepare a single egg at a time.

Easy Eggs by Sistema are top rack dishwasher safe, refrigerator & freezer safe, and of course, microwave safe.

They are made from 100% virgin plastic and are also BPA & phthalate-free giving you the confidence they are safe to cook with.

Steam release vents let out dangerous steam that reduces splatter and steam burns while heating and after heating.

Easily create delicious poached eggs, omelets, egg muffins, and scrambled eggs in just minutes. Use your imagination and create your very own ingredient-filled omelet.

Sistema has been making innovative kitchen utensils for many years so you can feel confident you are buying a working and quality product.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a quick and delicious snack any time of day.

Sistema designed Easy Eggs to be easy to clean which means less time needed after eating your meal to clean up pots, pans, and utensils. Give your stove a break.

This also has easy-lift tabs that do not get hot and are safe to the touch even right after you heat the eggs in the microwave.

Buying Guide – How to find the best microwave egg cooker for your needs.

Family Size: Depending on how big your family is, you will want to consider what size microwave egg cooker you want.

If some family members don’t eat eggs, you will have to consider that as well. You may also get away with a smaller egg cooker if, at times, most of the family does not eat eggs at the same time.

All of these scenarios will allow you to help choose which size you need.

Ease of use: How easy is the egg cooker to use? Could a child use it if they are home? You may want to consider what a child could use while you are not home.

Price: What is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on a microwave egg cooker?

Warranty: Is there a product warranty that is advertised? Will not having a warranty make you look at a different product with a warranty or does that not matter to you?

Easy to clean: How easy is the egg cooker to clean. If you prefer to use your dishwasher, check to see if the model you choose is dishwasher safe. Also, note some cookers are top shelf safe only.

Also if you don’t plan on using a dishwasher check for small hard to clean spaces on the cooker you are considering. You are looking to save time in the kitchen, not spend extra time cleaning.