Best Microwave Teapots – Top 4 Teapots Reviewed

microwave safe teapot

There are many reasons you may need a microwave teapot. Maybe you would like your water to heat up faster, or you travel a lot and don’t have access to a stove. Whatever the reason, microwave teapots are a great alternative to traditional teapots.

Microwave teapots heat faster than traditional stovetop teapots because the heat does not just come through from the teapot’s bottom.

However, the microwave does not heat the water in the microwave teapot as evenly as a traditional teapot.

All these teapots seem to be top-rack dishwasher safe, and they all seem to heat water relatively quickly. We will be going through four different microwave teapots and picking out which one seems to be the best out of the four.

Microwave Whistling Tea Kettle

It is simple to tell when this tea kettle is to its boiling point because it will start to whistle very loudly. You could also see when the water is boiling due to the visible part of the glass beaker.

The plastic casing on the outside of this tea kettle stays cool to the touch, ensuring you do not burn yourself when removing the tea kettle from the microwave. Also, the plastic on this microwave tea kettle is BPA-free.

The way this tea kettle is designed prevents it from overheating. The glass beaker inside this microwave tea kettle can be removed for easier cleaning, meaning you could brew your tea directly in the tea kettle if you would like.

This tea kettle can hold up to 25 ounces of water at one time, making it the smallest tea kettle on this list. Given its smaller size, it seems to heat up faster than the rest of the teapots/tea kettles on this list.

A great thing about this tea kettle is it does not seem to leak due to the tight seal around the lid. The glass beaker is made of borosilicate glass, which is very durable.

Microwave Hot Pot & Water Boiler 28 Ounce

This microwave tea kettle is double insulated on the inside, ensuring your water stays hot for longer than other teapots/tea kettles. This tea kettle is made entirely of durable, BPA-free plastic and stays cool to the touch, so you won’t get burned when removing it from the microwave.

It is not good to brew tea directly in this tea kettle since it can be hard to clean the inside of this tea kettle. This tea kettle holds up to 28 ounces of water, which is great for on the go.

The box recommends you only use this tea kettle in a 900-watt or lower microwave, and the microwave must contain a turntable.

It is hard to tell when this tea kettle is to its boiling point because it is not see-through, and it does not have a whistle to indicate when it is boiling.

Hiware 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

This teapot can be used on the stovetop or in the microwave. To use this teapot in the microwave, you will need to remove the metal parts first since it is never safe to put anything metal in the microwave.

The spout on this teapot does not drip, making for mess-free pouring. This teapot can hold 33 ounces of water, which is excellent if you are having one or two guests over for a cup of tea.

You can use many different kinds of tea in this teapot, from loose leaf tea to flowering tea. The strainer/infuser is a fine mesh, so you won’t need to worry about tea leaves getting into your teacup.

You would need to use a potholder or towel to remove this teapot from the microwave as it is made mostly of glass. The glass of this teapot is relatively thick, and it is made of borosilicate glass.

These teapots seem to work best in the microwave or on the stovetop at a medium or low heat setting. Be careful when heating this teapot on the stove as it might break if the glass becomes too hot.

RSVP Large Stoneware Chai Teapot

This teapot is made entirely of stoneware, which gets very hot in the microwave and will help keep your water or tea hot. The way this teapot is designed helps it stay hot for an extended amount of time.

This teapot can hold 42 ounces of water at one time, making it the largest teapot on this list. The spout on this teapot seems to leak a little, causing a bit of a mess.

You can brew your tea directly in this teapot since it is easy to clean, and this teapot does not contain any metal pieces. The spout on this teapot has large drain holes, which makes it easier to pour.

This brand of teapot comes in a variety of amazing colors. The colors available are pink, blue, light blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and white. The colors might differ slightly from the picture, and the paint on this teapot does not contain lead.

Even though this teapot can be used on the stovetop, it is not recommended to place it over an open flame because that could cause the teapot to crack or break. It is best to either heat this teapot in the microwave or on an electric stovetop.

Buying Guide – How to find the best microwave teapot for your needs

When choosing a microwave teapot, it is best to buy one that fits all of your needs, like using your teapot on the stovetop or only in the microwave. You should also consider whether you would want to brew your tea directly in your teapot or not.

Out of all four microwave teapots, the best one seems to be the Hiware 1000ml glass teapot with removable infuser because you could use it in the microwave or on the stovetop, and it holds a decent amount of liquid.

However, if you are not planning to use your microwave teapot on the stovetop, then the microwave whistling tea kettle would be the best option for you since you could brew your tea right in the tea-kettle since it is easy to clean.

The prices for microwave teapots are relatively the same, ranging from $20 to $23 on average. All of these teapots are fantastic for the price, and they should last a long time.

Now that we have reviewed the four very different microwave teapots and decided which one seems to be the best option, it is up to you to determine what teapot would work best for you.