Can You Microwave A Frozen Pizza? (Answered)

If you ever wondered if you could microwave a full frozen pizza, or maybe you don’t have access to a conventional oven, you will be happy to know that YES, you can put a frozen pizza in a microwave.

However, read on to learn the steps you should take to ensure a tasty replacement for oven cooked pizza.

It is important to note that there is some prep involved and that every microwave is different. Also, a pizza from a microwave generally is just not going to taste as good as fresh out of the oven.

Because of how microwaves heat food, your pizza crust may not be as crispy, and the cheese may not be as gooey. However, in a pinch, microwave pizza is an acceptable replacement!

Set up and Prep

So, before you go to put that pizza in the microwave, you’ll want to remove all the packaging. If you have time to let it defrost beforehand, great; if not, you’ll just adjust the cooking time.

After all the excess packaging is removed (remember plastic wrap and cardboard trays aren’t good for the microwave), you can place your pizza on a microwave-safe plate.

Cooking Instructions

Actual cook times may vary based on your microwave wattage, but we’ll give you a list to use as a guideline.

Pizza Size
Cook Time (On High)

8-9 inch pizza
4 to 6 Minutes

10-11 inch pizza
5 to 7 Minutes

11-12 inch pizza
7 to 10 Minutes

French Bread Pizza
7 to 8 Minutes

Mini Pizzas
5 to 7 Minutes

While these times may not be exact, this is an excellent place to start for getting a great pizza straight from the microwave. A little trial and error, and you’ll find the exact cooking time that works for you.

Use caution when removing the pizza from the microwave, it will be very hot.

Final Thoughts

A microwave is a great time-saving option for making a quick meal, especially if you’re a fan of pizza.

Be sure to check the box directions as some of them do include microwave instructions, but if not, you’re still set to go. Also, a sizzle plate or non-stick pan can help your pizzas crisp up even in the microwave.