Can You Microwave Mushrooms? – Quick Informational Guide

Mushrooms make a great, healthy snack after work or school, but spending the time to deep fry or boil the food can take all the fun out of fungi. So, the inevitable question, ‘Can you microwave mushrooms?‘ Short answer, YES.

Long answer, yes, and it may be one of the healthiest ways to cook mushrooms. 

Why take the time and effort to fry or boil your mushrooms when they can be easily microwaved in half the time, taste delicious, and be healthier for you?

Below we’ll examine all the ins and outs of microwaving mushrooms, why microwaving may be the healthiest cooking method, and a few different ways to prepare and cook mushrooms in the microwave.

As reported in a recent article in The Daily Mail, new research suggests that microwaving mushrooms may be among the healthiest ways to cook them, as it may help retain the nutritional profile of fungi.

While boiling and frying have been shown to increase mushrooms’ fat content and significantly reduce the protein and antioxidant level, cooking in the microwave has been shown to increase the antioxidant level of mushrooms while retaining all of their nutritional value.

So, not only can you microwave mushrooms, they may be better for you coming off the microwave tray than from the frying pan.

Preparing fresh mushrooms, such as white button mushrooms, in the microwave, is relatively simple and only requires a microwaveable bowl with a cover. 

No oil or butter is needed, which is excellent when trying to eliminate fat from your meal.

How to microwave mushrooms:

• Be sure to start by cleaning your mushrooms. Lightly scrubbing the dirt from the surface may prevent bruising and keep them from getting soggy.

• Begin cooking by placing eight ounces (the standard smaller supermarket pack) of fresh, thickly sliced, mushrooms in a microwaveable bowl with covering available.

• Cover and microwave on high for two to three minutes, stopping to stir once.

• Once finished, check to ensure the mushrooms are thoroughly cooked through and season however you wish or is required of your recipe.

As some plants and other delicious treats may be harmful to cook in the microwave, the question of ‘Can you microwave mushrooms?‘ is a safety and health-conscious one. Still, unlike many other foods, mushrooms are one of the most microwave-friendly foods you can cook!

Instead of wasting time and energy frying or boiling your mushrooms, why not get the most nutrients out of your fungi food, and save time, all at once, by microwaving your mushrooms!?