Can You Microwave Pop-Tarts? – Step By Step Guide

You’re probably used to eating your Pop-Tarts straight out of the package or popping them in the toaster for a few minutes and then enjoying them that way. 

Maybe you’ve wondered, though, “why can’t I just microwave these?” 

So, the good news is, YES, you can, and it doesn’t take long at all. One of the great things about Pop-Tarts is that they are pre-baked, so you’re not looking to cook them, just warm them up.  If you have a microwave convection oven you can get a crisper Pop-Tart, but a regular microwave will still give you a nice warm one if you don’t overdo it.

Another good thing about Pop-Tarts is that they don’t burst like other filled foods. Generally, anything in a pocket, a casing, or shell will burst open if put in the microwave. Thankfully, Pop-Tarts don’t…pop. 

Before we get into how to, let’s tackle an important question about Pop-Tarts. 

Can You Microwave Pop-Tarts in the Wrapper? 

No! No! No! Please do not do this. The wrapper on a Pop-Tart is made out of plastic layered with foil, which is metal. 

Metal placed into a microwave may cause sparks or fire, then you’d have a broken microwave, Pop-Tart goo, and no Pop-Tart. 

There is a common misconception that the wrapping has no metal or that it is safe; this is incorrect. 

Though the packaging has changed, there are still trace amounts of metal in the wrapper to improve shelf life and prevent oxidation. 

Safely Microwaving Your Pop-Tarts 

Now that we’ve covered that, when you’re ready to microwave your Pop-Tarts, simply place them on a microwave-safe plate or paper plate and pop them into your microwave. 

The manufacturer suggests just 3 seconds to warm your Pop-Tarts, but this may vary by microwave and taste. Once they are heated to your desired temperature, remove and enjoy.

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Always use caution when removing anything from the microwave!

Can You Microwave Pop-Tarts? Wrapping Up- 

Well, that’s it, folks. Now you know how to safely and effectively microwave your Pop-Tarts. Enjoy!