Can You Microwave Quinoa? – Step by Step Guide

Quinoa is one of those dishes that many people love to eat but takes forever to make in the slow cooker or on the stove, and oftentimes it comes out a mushy mess if you don’t cook it properly.

Luckily, YES, you can, in fact, microwave Quinoa. Not only that, it’s much faster and practically failure-free (so long as you follow the steps in our guide). Better yet, you won’t need a lot of things to complete the recipe.

First, though, we’ll cover how to reheat cooked quinoa.

How to Reheat Cooked Quinoa in the Microwave

There’s no big secret to reheating quinoa, except how to reheat it thoroughly. Depending on how much quinoa you want to reheat, it’s important to divide up your quinoa and place it in a large microwave-safe container. Microwave on high in short 30-45 second bursts.

Since quinoa is so dense, you may have trouble getting it to heat all the way through, and this is why you want to make sure it’s not all in one clump and to heat repeatedly in intervals until it is all warm.

Cooking Quinoa in the Microwave

Now, if you want to cook your quinoa from scratch, here’s what you’ll need

  • Quinoa
  • Water
  • Microwave Safe Bowl
  • Cover for Bowl

The cooking process is fairly simple. Rinse the quinoa and place in the microwave-safe bowl. For every cup of quinoa, you’ll want 2 cups of water. Cover the quinoa with water and microwave until about half the water is absorbed. The time will vary but is usually 5-7 minutes.

Remove the quinoa and mix it well. Place it back in the microwave for another 5-10 minutes depending on the amount and your microwave. Then remove and stir, and it’s ready to eat.

Can You Microwave Quinoa – Wrapping Up

There you have it, how to reheat and cook quinoa from scratch. Now you can have quinoa anytime!

Add some salmon and a few vegetables, and you have a tasty and healthy dinner!