Can You Microwave Bagels? – Quick Informational Guide

There is no reason why you shouldn’t microwave bagels! That is the good news, but if you want perfect results from the process, you need to do things the right way.

The most significant risk when warming up a bagel is that it will be dry and hard to chew. However, a simple trick ensures your bagel will be delicious every time you heat it!

Is it safe to Microwave a Bagel?
Here is a simple step by step guide to follow when heating a bagel.
1. Place the bagel on a microwave-safe plate.
2. Sprinkle it with a bit of warm water.
3. Place the plate in the microwave.
4. Adjust the timer to 30 seconds, and activate the device. If you have multiple temperature settings, choose lower heat levels.
5. Pull the bagel out and see if it is warm enough.
6. If you want it warmer, put it back in the microwave for additional 30 seconds.

The adjustments depend on the microwave. If you have experience with warming up pastries, use similar settings as when heating other items. You can try wrapping the bagel in a paper towel to keep it soft. Pair your bagel with some microwave cooked bacon and eggs, and you have a tasty breakfast.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Bagel?
The answer is yes, and the process is not much different from microwaving a bagel at room temperature.

You might have but a bagel in the freezer for it to last longer.

However, now you are hungry, and you need it as soon as possible.
Start by putting the bagel in a microwave-safe dish. Insert it into the device and set the timer to about 60 seconds.

The temperature settings should be lower than average.
Your next task is to flip the bagel once the timer counts down to 30 seconds.

That way, you ensure to heat it equally from both sides.
Once done, remove the bagel and feel it with your fingers. If it is still cold, continue heating it for additional 30-60 seconds.

The best part is that a frozen bagel will be soft like you just purchased it! For an extra tasty and sweet touch, add some Nutella spread to your now warm bagel.