Can You Microwave Leftover Salmon? – Is It Safe?

You may have had a wonderful fish dinner, and you wonder if that salmon is going to be just as good the next day after you run it through the microwave. The good news is, “YES, you can microwave leftover salmon;” the rest of this page covers how.

The Basics of Microwaving Leftover Salmon:
Step One: Do Not Go At Full Blast!
Unless you want to destroy any flavor or texture in that salmon, the very first thing to do with your microwave is to lower its power output.

Because salmon is a delicate fish with a delicate flavor profile, you should set our microwave to a low power setting-roughly 35% power is where you should aim for.

Step Two: Use The Right Vessel!
While it goes without saying that you should use a microwave-safe container for the fish, do your best to use a container that features a lid.

Rarely will you run into an encounter where someone has microwaved some fish, and neither the microwave nor the room’s smell is left intact.

If you have no lids, at least use a paper towel or a coffee filter to soak up some of that fishy smell.

Power On In Half-Minute Intervals
Place the salmon within your lidded container and run it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Once the time is up, check the fish to see that it is evenly heating up and realign it as necessary.

Continue to reheat in 30-second instances until your salmon reaches an internal temperature of 145°F.

Alternative Uses for Leftover Salmon:
While you can reheat leftover salmon in a microwave or even within an oven, that is not the only way to approach consuming the fish.

Salmon’s distinct smell means that it remains flavorful even when cold, making it a great alternative to tuna when preparing a meal.