Can You Microwave Shoes? – Quick Informational Guide

So, this is an odd question, but one with several practical applications. There are a number of reasons to microwave your shoes, and the good news is, most of the time, you can, in fact, microwave your shoes.

The one thing you have to consider before microwaving them is that they have no metal in the inserts, laces, tips, loopholes, or other parts. Metal and microwaves are a bad combination.

Some plastic decals and insignias can also melt, so be sure not to overheat your shoes if you’re microwaving them.

Why Microwave Shoes?

You might be wondering why you would need to microwave your shoes; after all, shoes aren’t food. The truth is, there are a couple of particular reasons you would want to use a microwave on your shoes.

The first should be fairly obvious if you think about it; drying your shoes in the microwave saves a lot of time.

Letting shoes air dry takes a long time, and there’s no effective way to dry the inside all the way down to the toe of the shoe, especially on sneakers.

The other options, a blow dryer, and the oven aren’t good either; who has all that time to dry your shoes with a blow dryer thoroughly?

Using an oven is risky and not a good idea that leaves us with the microwave as the fastest and safest option.

Another use that you may not have known about is that you can warm your shoes in the microwave for a few seconds to relax them and make them fit a little better. If you lace and tie them, they will actually conform to that shape easier, making them much more comfortable to slip on and go.

If you are simply looking to have something to keep your feet warm, check out our review of the best microwave-safe slippers, which are a great way to warm up your feet quickly.

All of the reviewed slippers are specifically designed to be heated in the microwave, unlike many types of shoes.

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Can You Microwave Shoes – wrapping up

There you have it, some little-known facts about microwaving your shoes. The next time you’re looking for a way to dry or fit into your shoes, just pop them into the microwave.