Can You Microwave Coconut Oil? – Step by Step Guide

Missing summer right about now? The smell of coconut oil alone can whisk you away from your kitchen to a breezy tropical vacation with just a single whiff.

Coconut oil naturally exists in a creamy, solid state at room temperature—approximately 76 degrees Fahrenheit—due to its relatively high melting point.

But can it safely be microwaved?

The short answer: YES. With just a few steps, you can safely microwave your coconut oil to liquid perfection.

How to Microwave Coconut Oil

First, scoop your solid coconut oil from its container and place it into a microwave-safe plate.

Do NOT microwave your coconut oil directly in the container it came in. It often comes in plastic, glass, or a metal container.

These containers are almost always going to be unsafe to zap with the microwave. It is a much better idea only to put microwave-safe materials into your microwave.

Microwaving coconut oil may cause it to pop and splatter a bit due to steam escaping from the solids. To save yourself some trouble, try placing a microwave cover or a paper towel over the dish.

Next, microwave your coconut oil on medium power in 10-second intervals, taking the dish out to stir between each interval.

Stirring the coconut oil will ensure proper heating and speed up the liquifying process. This is also a great way to soften coconut oil.

Continue to microwave your coconut oil in intervals until the oil is entirely liquid and free from crystallized solids.

Take precaution heating coconut oil like you would any other cooking oil—it’s easy to burn yourself if you’re not careful!

Liquid coconut oil will re-solidify once it cools to 76 degrees. Follow the steps above to re-liquefy your solid coconut oil.

How to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a versatile food that you can use both in the kitchen and in your beauty routine!

Try substituting olive or vegetable oil in your next meal. Coconut oil is perfect for roasting veggies and meats like chicken or salmon; it leaves your dishes with a sweet, earthy taste unlike any other.

Coconut oil is also a great beauty product. Because it’s high in fatty acids, coconut oil acts as an excellent moisturizer.

Take your microwaved coconut oil and apply it to dry skin and lips. Liquid coconut oil can even be used as an ultra-hydrating hair mask!