Can You Microwave Crab Legs?

Microwaving is the quickest way to prepare crab legs but offers the least flavorful results. However, YES, you can microwave crab legs. 

The unique taste of frozen crab legs has captured many food lovers’ imagination, and it has become a source of delight for them.

The crabs reside in the Arctic waters, within Alaska areas and just around it, where expert crab fishers catch them.

Frying them in sizzling oil and then freezing them is a sure way of preserving their taste. Then they are delivered to the dealers for delivery to restaurants and eateries.

There are many different species of crabs, and humans often consume many of them. The most commonly eaten crabs being, the Dungeness, Snow, Blue, King, and Rock crab

Depending on the region of the world, there might be distinct kinds of crab meat available. In Europe, people desire the spider crab because of the great quantity of the meat available. 

In the United States and Canada, there is no kind of crab meat better than the Alaskan king crab because of the amount of meat available on each of the legs.

There are four basic ways of cooking fresh or frozen legs, baking, boiling, microwaving, and steaming, and with each method having their advantages but still offering delicious results.

The microwave is a quick and handy option if you don’t feel like bringing out a large stockpot, and boiling water, or dealing with the clean up that comes with it.

How to microwave crab legs:

Crab legs should be wrapped inside several damp paper towels and then microwave on the high setting for 2-3 minutes. Much longer, and you risk dry, shriveled, unpalatable meat.  If you are using frozen legs, it may not be necessary to dampen the paper towels.  

Allow cooling slightly before removing the crab legs from their shells and serving immediately along with melted butter.

The shells are hard, and if you want to cook their legs and eat them afterward, you’ll find that both tasks would require some dexterity on your part. Wooden mallets, hammers, and nutcrackers are instruments you’ll need to crack the shell to get to the meat, though some individuals have enough hand strength to break the shell covering.

Crabmeat will always be a luxury food; also, the difficulty of getting into the meat guarded by its hard shell has a lot to do with it being considered an upscale food. 

While contemplating cooking crab leg by steaming, or microwaving be sure not to overcook it. Remember, the frozen legs have already been cooked, and this is just a heating process that may make sure the dish is ready to eat and tasty.