Can You Microwave Hot Dogs? – Quick Informational Guide

Most hot dogs are already cooked, which means that you don’t need to microwave them. You can eat them directly from their package if you want to.

However, nobody likes to eat cold hot dogs, and if you want to microwave yours before mealtime, you can do so. Just because you don’t have to microwave your hot dogs doesn’t mean that you can’t. 

So if you need help heating your hot dogs, here’s the best and safest way to do it.

Check Your Microwave’s Strength

Different microwaves have different levels of strength. The weaker ones have a power of about 500 watts, while more substantial types have 1,500 watts. If you don’t know how strong your microwave is, then check the label on its frame. It’s usually found near the door.

A high powered microwave can usually heat a set of hot dogs in 20 to 30 seconds, while low powered ones may require about 35 to 40 seconds. 

Most hot dog products typically have instructions on microwave use directly on the packaging, and you should follow that to the letter.

However, if your hot dogs don’t come with any such instructions, then it’s better to be cautious with your estimates. The last thing you want is for the hotdogs to burst or be burnt because of too much heat.

Prepare the Hotdogs

Take two to three hot dogs and put them on either a paper plate or a microwave-safe plate covered with a paper towel. Now, carefully slice each hot dog surface with your knife. 

Make one slice near the top, one in the middle, and a last one at the bottom. There’s no need to cut deep. Cutting the hot dog just enough to break the skin allows any built-up steam to escape during the heating process.

Microwave the Hotdogs

Cover your hot dogs with another paper plate and cook them in the microwave. Don’t forget about the timer. If the instructions say to cook the hot dog for thirty seconds, then follow that.

If you plan to put your hot dogs in a bun, then you should heat them separately. Heating the hot dogs and the buns at the same time will cause the buns to become soggy from the heat of the hot dogs.

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Serve the Hotdogs

After you have microwaved the hot dogs, carefully remove them from the paper plate and towels, and put them on a plate. 

If there are a lot of juices, then try to wipe most of them away. After that, you may serve the hot dogs either directly or in buns.