Can You Microwave Kimchi? – Quick Informational Guide

In Korean culinary culture, Kimchi is an all around dish used in everyday meal preparation for varying breakfast, lunch, and dinner courses. Often times used as a condiment for other foods, such as stir fry, soups, and rice, Kimchi can also be eaten on its own.

Though Kimchi can be eaten cold, many prefer the dish warmed. If eating Kimchi for a snack or on lunch break, perhaps you don’t want to spend time warming the stove to cook the dish. So, can you microwave Kimchi? YES! Below, we’ll examine how to properly microwave Kimchi, and some precautions to take.

It is important to mention before considering microwaving Kimchi that it is generally made of combining fermented vegetables such as cabbage, radishes, or cucumbers, and uses seasonings such as garlic and fish sauce, which, when warmed, may give off a powerful aroma.

If microwaving in a public place, such as on a lunch break at work, or school, be sure that the scent given off by warming the Kimchi will be restricted to your immediate area, or that your co-workers and colleagues are okay with the fragrance.

Otherwise, Kimchi is a delicious dish when thoroughly warmed in the microwave and can provide the perfect accompaniment to many different Asian dishes and foods from all around the world.

How To Microwave Kimchi

When cooking Kimchi in the microwave it is important to remember: The gentler, the better. In order to begin microwaving, you’ll need a microwave safe container and preferably a microwave safe lid to enable heat to be better spread throughout.

• Start by removing a small amount of Kimchi that you plan on eating within the next 48 hours and place it in the microwave safe container, as it is not recommended to re-microwave Kimchi that has been microwaved before, and microwaving in small portions will help reduce the aroma.

• Placing the microwave safe cover over the dish, set the microwave to medium, or low, depending on the power of your microwave, and let cook for 20 seconds, stopping to check the temperature, and repeating until your Kimchi reaches your desired temperature.

• After reaching your desired temperature, let stand for up to one minute so as to let the heat distribute equally throughout your Kimchi. Any leftovers should be refrigerated and thrown out after two-three days, without re-microwaving.

Microwaving your Kimchi is an entirely new way to enjoy your favorite Korean side dish without taking the time to warm the stove. There’s no reason to ever fear the microwave with your Kimchi ever again. Whether you prefer Kimchi with traditional Korean meals, dishes from around Asia, or more modern tastes, like Hamburgers and hotdogs, microwaving Kimchi is the perfect way to ensure you get a delicious side dish or main course.


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