Can You Microwave Stouffer’s Lasagna? – (Answered)

Stouffer’s lasagna is a great meal to serve yourself or your family. The trouble is, you may not always have access to an oven, and even when you do, it takes a while to cook the conventional way.

You’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to microwave it instead. The good news is, YES, you can! Most of the time, you can find microwave instructions on the packaging, but just in case there aren’t any, we’ll break it down so you know just how to cook your lasagna to perfection.

Heating Your Stouffer’s Lasagna From Frozen

Cooking a frozen Stouffer’s lasagna in the microwave is reasonably straightforward. First of all, remember every microwave is different, so exact times may vary. Start by placing your lasagna in the microwave without venting the film on high for approximately 9 minutes.

Remove the film and cook at half power for an additional 20 minutes. Afterward, let it stand for 5-10 minutes to complete the cooking process. To be sure it’s cooked all the way, check to make sure the inside is 160 degrees.

Be careful handling the tray as it will be extremely hot coming out of the microwave. Once you’ve let it stand to finish the cooking process, you’re ready to slice up and serve.

Reheating Stouffer’s Lasagna

If you’re reheating a Stouffer’s lasagna that’s already been cooked, the directions are slightly different. First of all, you’ll want to remove the lasagna from the tray. Stouffer’s doesn’t recommend reheating their lasagna inside the tray.

Instead, place it on a microwave-safe plate or dish and heat 1-2 minutes or until at the desired temperature. If it doesn’t warm all the way through, continue heating in small increments until the entire thing is heated through.

Can You Microwave Stouffer’s Lasagna – wrapping up

Well, now you know a quick and simple way to microwave and enjoy Stouffer’s lasagna any time. Now you can even eat it on the go.