So, Can You Microwave English Muffins?

Either you’re in a rush… or your toaster is broken. (Or maybe you’re just looking to switch things up!)

So you want to microwave your delicious English muffins. Can you?

The answer is YES. You can microwave English muffins.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind, or else you may ruin your English muffins in the microwave.

Aim to Heat the English Muffin, Not Cook It

Microwaving any bread product is always a tricky endeavor.

If you microwave your English muffin for too long, it will completely dry up, making it borderline inedible.

Keep in mind you are trying to heat the English muffin in the microwave… not cook it outright.

If you want to cook it outright, you’ll have to use the toaster or the oven.

Microwaved English Muffins Have A Different Texture

When you microwave English muffins, you’re (essentially) microwaving a piece of bread.

No amount of microwaving will toast it or give it a crunchy texture.

As soon as your English muffin is hot, you should stop microwaving it.

Microwaving it further will only make it less delicious.

Less is Always More

Be very careful with how long you microwave your English muffin.

Place the English muffin on a microwave-safe plate or a paper plate; a paper towel also works in a pinch.

Start with 15 seconds maximum.

If it needs more time, add increments of 5 to 10 seconds.

If you accidentally add too much time at once, you’ll ruin the English muffin permanently.

Optional: Add Some Water

Place a few drops of water on top of the English muffin before putting it in the microwave.

This excess water will evaporate off in the microwave, which will allow your English muffin to heat up without ruining its texture.

Once your English muffin has been microwaved, add butter, jam, Nutella, or another topping of your choice… and you’re ready to eat! Enjoy!