So, Can You Microwave Parchment Paper? (Answered)

Parchment paper is a staple in any kitchen. And it’s used by respected chefs all around the world.

But can it be microwaved?

The short answer is YES. Unlike aluminum foil or plastic wrap, parchment paper can be microwaved safely.

However, when you microwave parchment paper, you want to be careful. There are two things to keep in mind…

First, although parchment paper is technically safe to microwave, the paper itself can heat up tremendously once microwaved. So, when you remove the parchment paper from the microwave, be careful, as it may be hot.

Parchment paper may burn in the microwave if you are microwaving it with certain types of foods. Through some very basic science, we can understand why this happens.

The Basic Science Behind Microwaving Parchment Paper:

Parchment paper has a burning temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Once that temperature is reached, the paper starts to smoke and eventually burn.

Most of the time, the burning temperature isn’t a big concern. As a reference point, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Food in the microwave rarely gets to be twice as hot as boiling water!

However, there is one exception: fatty foods, such as hamburgers or bacon. Fat has the ability to heat up to far beyond 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, when you put both fatty foods and parchment paper into the microwave, there is some chance of the parchment paper burning, as it will take on the heat from the fatty foods it is touching.

If you are simply heating up a leftover meal that contains fatty foods, you shouldn’t worry. Just don’t go completely overboard on the timer, and you’re safe.

However, you may want to avoid cooking certain fatty foods (like bacon) in the microwave with parchment paper. High temperatures must be reached to cook fatty foods, which may cause the parchment paper to burn.

Overall, parchment paper is indeed safe to microwave. Just stay away from cooking fatty foods (reheating is usually fine), and you’re golden!