Can You Defrost Hot Dog Buns in the Microwave?

The hot dogs are on the grill, and you go to get the hot dog buns and realize you forgot to remove them from the freezer to thaw. 

The first thing you might think of is if you can defrost hot dog buns in the microwave, and the answer is YES, you can defrost hot dog buns in the microwave.

While fresh hot dog buns have the best taste and texture, sometimes you need to freeze them. 

Microwaving bread to thaw it can be a bit tricky. If it’s overdone, the buns will get hard and dried out, or they will get soggy. 

We will share the instructions for how to defrost hot dog buns so that they turn out well.

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How to defrost hot dog buns in the microwave:

  1. Remove the hot dog buns from the freezer. Take the hot dog buns out of the packaging. Never microwave hot dog buns (or hot dogs) in the packaging it comes in.
  2. Wrap the hot dog buns in a paper towel. This will ensure that the hot dog buns don’t turn out soggy. If you have time to spare, you will get the best results if you are able to microwave one at a time.
  3. Place the hot dog buns wrapped in a paper towel on a microwave-safe plate.
  4. Place the hot dog buns into the microwave and heat at 50% power for 30 seconds.
  5. Check the hot dog buns to see if they are properly thawed out. If not, flip the hot dog buns over and repeat microwaving at 50% power for 15-30 seconds at a time until they are thawed.
  6. Once thawed, use hot pads to remove the hot dog buns from the microwave and remove the paper towel. Allow them to sit for about a minute before eating. Always use caution when removing anything from the microwave!

We hope you enjoy your freshly defrosted hot dog buns!  

Now add some ketchup, mustard, maybe some sauerkraut, and you have a tasty meal.