Can You Microwave Frozen Fries – Is It Safe?

You can never go wrong when it comes to heating up some frozen fries. They are the ultimate convenient hot snack to enjoy, and YES, you can microwave them into a delicious golden delicacy.

In this article, you will learn how to go about it.

Over the years, microwaves have offered most households easy ways to reheat and, in some cases, cook raw foods or snacks. Making the microwave one of the kitchens’ most-used appliances.

As much as microwaves are useful in many situations, it might be unnecessary in some food prep or not the best way to cook food.

In this case, microwaving frozen fries is possible. You can come up with really golden, crispy, and crunchy fries if done appropriately.

Below are some tips on how to achieve the perfect crust from microwaved fries.

1. Baking sheet- prepare your fries by spreading them evenly on a plate. The baking sheet helps maintain most energy produced by the microwave. Do this in small batches and keep your microwave at 600-800 watts.
2. Microwave your fries for 2-3 minutes while on a round microwave-safe plate. Don’t forget to turn them over for even cooking frequently.
3. Repeat this process for a few more rounds (around 8-10 minutes) depending on the microwave’s power.
4. Avoid overheating your fries. It will lead to losing all the moisture and softness, making them dry and not crunchy.
5. Leave your fries to cool before serving.

Easy-peasy, right? For extra crispy microwaved frozen fries, you can add some vegetable oil to them. If you love spices, make sure to sprinkle some before heating.

In the end, let your fries cool quickly away from the baking sheet.

Frozen fries make an excellent addition for most main meals, add some ketchup and maybe some hot dogs, and you have a quick, tasty meal. And the above procedure will make golden, crispy, and delicious microwaved frozen fries for you.