Can You Microwave Yogurt? – Is it Safe?

Renowned for its probiotics, protein, and versatility, yogurt is a favorite sweet or savory snack!

While not usually served warm, yogurt in its various forms is usually microwave safe.

However, there are several reasons it may not be the best idea:
Due to its fatty consistency, it may separate and become semi-liquid when heated.

Yogurt also contains living good bacteria called active cultures. Upon heating, many of these are eliminated and take their digestive health benefits with them.

General Guidelines:
As always, be sure the yogurt container is microwave safe!

  • This means only approved plastics or ceramics, never metal (including tin or aluminum)!
  • Many store-bought yogurts are individually packaged, and these plastic containers are not microwave safe.
  • Due to its consistency and fat content, less is more! Be sparing with your microwave time to maintain health benefits.

Can you microwave frozen yogurt?

When it comes to frozen yogurt, the microwave makes a bit more sense!
Thawing or melting frozen yogurt is certainly possible, but the same general guidelines should be followed:

  • Use only microwave-safe containers; the wax paper cartons that frozen yogurt is often sold in will not suffice. Try scooping some out into a ceramic container first!
  • Less is still more. 30 seconds or so should be more than enough to thaw a small-medium portion of frozen yogurt!
  • Increase time slightly with an increase in portion size.

Can you microwave Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt is touted even more often for its high-protein, digestive wellbeing benefits!

Unfortunately, its increased thickness does little to protect its probiotics.
Microwaving Greek yogurt is likely to cause it to separate or liquify and almost certain to kill all good bacteria.

Can you microwave yogurt in the container?

This question depends on what the container is but follow our usual best practices above to keep it safe.

  • No, if the yogurt is in a carton, metal container, or single-use plastic.

Alternative Serving Suggestions:
When appropriately used, yogurt can be quite healthy and an excellent substitute for fattier substances like sour cream.

Instead of microwaving, try adding a bit of plain and/or Greek yogurt to already warm dishes to add richness and flavor!

If you’re going to microwave yogurt, be sure you know what you’re getting into!