So, Can You Microwave Hummus? (Answered)

You’re ready to eat. You want to reheat that leftover meal or snack.

But you’re not sure if you can use the microwave… because your meal or snack has hummus in it.

Good news! Hummus is safe to microwave.

In fact, many people think hummus is better served hot than it is cold!

So, not only can you microwave hummus, but doing so might improve how delicious your meal or snack is.

Benefits of Microwaving Hummus:

It’s warm. A warm meal is better than a cold one!
It’s easier to spread. If you’re eating the hummus as a dip, that means fewer broken crackers.
It’s smoother. Any chunks in your hummus will disappear once you microwave it.


To improve your hummus texture even further, try adding one or two teaspoons of water to it before you pop it into the microwave.

The extra water will keep your hummus nice and moist as it goes through the microwaving process.

Once you start microwaving your hummus, use small intervals of 10 or 15 seconds. Check to see how hot it is every time the timer beeps. If necessary, add more time.

Using small bursts of microwaving instead of one longer microwaving session reduces the likelihood of your hummus “exploding” and making a mess all over the inside of your microwave. We recommend covering your hummus with paper towel just to be safe.

If you want to remove the risk of microwave cleanup entirely, try reheating your hummus on the stovetop instead of in the microwave.

Overall? Yes, you can microwave hummus. And, you might like hummus better hot than cold!

Use our handy tips to get the most out of your microwaved hummus and enjoy your hummus-filled meal or snack!