Guide: How to Microwave Bacon Quickly & Safely

Can you microwave bacon? The answer is YES. You can microwave bacon. Yum!

In fact, microwaving bacon is a very popular method to cook the delicious meat. Unlike many other foods, bacon does not lose its mouth-watering texture once it has been microwaved.

You might want to microwave bacon for one of two reasons…

  • To reheat bacon that you cooked previously
  • To cook bacon in the first place

How to Reheat Bacon in the Microwave

  • Place your bacon on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Cover your bacon. By covering your bacon, you avoid messy cleanups.
  • Set the microwave timer to one minute. Usually, one minute is enough to reheat two pieces of bacon. Add 30 seconds for each additional piece of bacon.
  • Check heat levels. Ensure your bacon is fully microwaved. If it’s not, add another 30 seconds.

Be careful to avoid using paper towels or parchment paper when microwaving bacon.

These two materials can help prevent messes, but both paper towels and parchment paper can burn if they touch bacon while being microwaved. The fat in the bacon heats up tremendously in the microwave (and past the burning temperature of both paper towels and parchment paper).

Instead, use a microwave-safe splatter cover, or place another dish on top of the bacon to prevent splatters.

We have also reviewed the best microwave bacon cookers, which are great tools and an even easier way to get tasty and crispy bacon quickly from the microwave.

Now pair that with some eggs from a microwave egg cooker, and you have a delicious and quick breakfast.

How to Cook Bacon in the Microwave

  • Place one or two strips of bacon on a microwave-safe dish. Attempting to cook three or more bacon pieces at the same time may lead to some pieces of bacon being fully cooked while others are still raw.
  • Make sure your microwave is set to rotate while cooking. Without rotation, the bacon will not cook evenly.
  • Add two minutes to the timer.
  • Once the timer beeps, assess the bacon, is it cooked? If it’s not, add another minute.

Tip: How long it will take to cook or reheat your bacon in the microwave depends on how powerful your microwave is. The guidelines above assume you have a powerful modern microwave. If your microwave is older, you may need to add more time.